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Wills and Probate

Our experienced team provide a bespoke service when arranging wills or probate which are tailored to suit your needs both now and into the future.


It is important to make sure that after you die, your assets and possessions (known as your estate) will go to the people and organisations you choose, such as family, friends and charities.

Your estate includes your personal possessions, as well as assets such as;

  • Savings and investments
  • Property
  • Pension funds
  • Investment funds

If you die without a will, your estate will be shared out according to the rules of intestacy. Under these rules, only married partners, civil partners and certain close relatives can inherit your estate.

At Blunts, we can advise and draft these vital documents for you. Our team can talk you through the necessary steps and give your clear and practical advice in ‘plain English’.

If you own your own property, have children from another marriage, have a family business or complicated family arrangements, it is advisable to make a will to give you peace of mind that your wishes will be fulfilled.

Probate is the name given to deal with the financial affairs of a person who has died.


When someone dies, with or without leaving a will, any debts need to be paid off and any remaining money including pension funds, share funds and investments along with any property and belongings need to be dealt with and administered to the beneficiaries. This is usually the person(s) named as executors in the will. If they did not leave a will, the process can be more complex.

If you die leaving a will, a Grant of Probate is applied for and if you die without a will, a Letter of Administration is applied for. Both are referred to as ‘probate’ because the two type of grants are the same, they just have a different process before the grant is issued

At Blunts we have many years of experience handling all types of probates, from small estates with a single beneficiary to large estates with complex IHT and multiple beneficiaries including charities.

We work alongside you, offering reassurance and guidance throughout the entire process.

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Wills and Probate

Advice and Information

Wills and Probate

What we can offer

  • Single Wills
  • Mirror Wills
  • Trust Wills
  • Executor Service
  • I.H.T. Advice
  • Property Protection
  • Elderley Client Advice
  • Estate Planning
  • Discretionary Trust
  • Living Wills
  • Contested Wills

Who can help you

Wills and Probate Solicitors

Wills and Probate Arrangements Blunts Solicitors Macclesfield Cheshire

Tina Timmins



Tina Timmins has a wealth of experience dealing with Wills, LPAs and Probate matters. Tina joined Blunts in 2005 and since then has supported and advised many clients with estate planning.

What our clients have to say


Tina was very clear and explained everything to us and we would recommend this solicitors, it’s a very efficient service they provide.

Wills & Probate Department

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