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Wills – are you and your children protected?
By Kayley Wilson

Trying to get the children up, fed, watered, teeth cleaned and hair brushed and then get yourself out of the front door on time not wearing your slippers can take some doing on a daily basis. Whether you’re heading out to work, looking after little ones or trying to get on top of tasks, life is busy and sometimes too busy to stop and think about the future. We plan our holidays, we plan our evenings out with friends, but how many families sit down and plan for the future to protect everything they love should something unthinkable happen?

Only one third of parents with children under 18 have a will, fact! Who will be your children’s guardian if you are not around to care for them?

Here at Blunts Solicitors we work with our clients and the community to provide practical, professional and specialised advice for those parents and grand-parents wishing to protect their family and preserve their assets. We can provide a basic mirror will for £100 per person. Or we can provide more comprehensive advice to meet the most complicated family arrangements and all in ‘plain English’.

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