This weekend I spend Saturday and Sunday at The Law Society in London with the Junior Lawyers Division, the constituency I represent on The Law Society Council.

On Saturday 14th October I attended the National Committee meeting so I met with representatives of various junior lawyer divisions from local law societies across the country. I also represented the Manchester Trainee Solicitors Group on this occasion as our JLD representative was unfortunately unable to attend.

I met a representative from the Manchester Young Solicitors Group who I may not have otherwise met. One possibility I have in mind, having heard that the London Young Lawyers Group have started a mentoring scheme, is to maybe start one between the Manchester Trainee Solicitors Group and the Manchester Young Solicitors Group (where members range from newly qualified solicitors to 5 years post qualified). I think this would work well and will be suggesting it at the next Manchester Trainee Solicitor committee meeting where I sit as Sponsorship Director.

Various discussions took place on the Saturday including discussions on the SRA consultation paper issued in September on the new route to qualification for solicitors and the possible abolition of the rule which means solicitors must have three years post qualification experience before becoming a Director or sole practitioner of a law firm and it was really good to hear people’s views on this.

We also discussed the upcoming national pro bono week which commences 06 November 2017 and how people might wish to be involved with this.

On Sunday 15th October I attended the Executive Committee Meeting where we discussed various other issues and hot topics. The Junior Lawyers essay competition is currently live and the deadline is 30 November (all details can be found on the website) and we are looking forward to reading the entries.

My next trip to London will be the evening of Wednesday 25th October where I will be attending a presentation that evening and the following day will be the Law Society Council meeting.