Prisca Wharton - Trainee Solicitor
Law Society Council meeting
By Kayley Wilson

I recently attended my first Law Society Council meeting in London where I was introduced as the new representative for trainee solicitors and LPC students for the next two years. We spoke about many topics including Britain’s place in law on the world stage following Brexit and ensuring we stay a key global player.


We also had some training about culture and supporting and respecting others around us even if our opinions or values differ in order to maintain harmony and think about how we impact how others feel.


Everyone was really friendly and council members have such diverse and interesting backgrounds it’s great to be around such amazing legal minds and I am looking forward to my next council meeting which will take place in late October.


Prisca Wharton

Trainee Solicitor


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British Sign Language – Level 2
By Kayley Wilson

Congratulations to Emma Wilson (our Accounts Manager) for achieving her Level 2 in British Sign Language. With Level 3 already underway, the team are looking forward to learning some new basic skills/signs.

Fast facts about the Deaf community